This week's staff pick comes from Vangelis Bellonias:

"Straight outta Colombia, Meridian Brothers have been serenading us with their weird and wonderful music ever since 2006. I've enjoyed their last two albums (Devocion (Works 2005-2011) LP & Salvadora Robot LP) and their singles have been off the hook - remember the cover of 'Purple Haze' on a Soundway 7"?? With "Los Suicidas" Meridian Brothers have managed to sound even weirder, more psychedelic yet melodic and in a twisted sort of way accessible. "inspired by one of the Colombian-native’s local legends Jaime Llano Gonzalez, a Colombian Hammond organist famous for playing traditional Colombian music such as Pasillos, Bambucos, Cumbias, and foreign rhythms such as foxtrots or waltzes, in an ambient style." all 8 tracks sound like exercises in how to take something that is familiar and make it alien, unsettling."