You've seen our staff charts and you've heard our selections in the Phonica Podcast. Now we're starting a brand new feature where a member of staff will select a release they found particularly interesting each week. Starting us off this week is Michael Fitzpatrick with Bing & Ruth's 'City Lake LP' on RVNG INTL.

"There's a pretty lengthy and in-depth description on the website so I'm not going to go into too much detail here but I decided to choose this album because I found listening to it to be a deeply meditative and calming experience (with the exception of 'City Lake / Tu Sei Uwe' which begins beautifully but eventually builds to a crescendo of madness... Seriously, be prepared to skip over that last bit if you're using this for a bit of relaxation because sh*t kicks off!). I think this is the perfect record to listen to when you're feeling pensive or introspective but additionally I think it would be great music to hear in a large concert hall filled with tons of people, lights and visuals (They're actually playing at Royal Albert Hall on December 8th so hopefully I can make it down!). Each song is incredibly immersive and there's also a real cinematic quality to them as well. I'm pretty sure it's the suggestive album title but whenever I listen to this I think about long train rides I used to take between Zürich and Arosa when I was a kid. Snowy, cold and dreamlike journeys though a haunting winter wonderland. Anyway... great record."