Spooky J, the mask hiding a man of rhythm. An internationally experienced Jazz percussionist and composer based in Leeds, whose originality and experimentation has spearheaded Blip Discs' darkest, most outlandish and hands-on dispatch to date. 

No samples, only original recordings and found-sounds, and Spooky-J's fascinating approach to Doepfer synths, tam-tam, field recorded Avignonese cows, burgled suburbs in Leeds and brush snare... entirely originally recorded tracks seamlessly synthesised and orchestrated. Dancefloor gelignite (more powerful than dynamite)!

Phonica have the privilege of premiering flipside 'Pfer'. We really love the freaky alien soundscapes contrasted with down-tempo jungle beats. It makes us think of what Soichi Terada soundtracking the ritual sacrifice of humans by alien apes that had successfully taken over the planet would sound like... Dayum!

You can pre-order your copy here to avoid missing out. But don't blame us if it doesn't make it past airport security!

As ever, our entire back catalogue of exclusive premieres is available to listen to on Soundcloud: