Best Of 2020: Compilations & Collections

The compilation (as we used to know it) is not as big as it once was. Playlists and mixes have become the standard way for DJs to show off their sets, there is no need for a commercially produced mixed CD with only the established series such as Fabric, Late Night Tales and DJ Kicks still releasing mix CDs these days (but still offering us excellent mixes as can be heard on Khruangbin's 'Late Night Tales' or the energetic dancefloor snapshot that is Octo Octa & Eris Drew's 'Fabric mix'). ‘Curated’ collections continue to provide us with some choice platters, whether they be centered around a DJ set such as Josey Rebelle’s ‘Josey In Space’ on Beats In Space or Shanti Celeste’s ‘The Sound of Love International’ or an unmixed collection of tracks that concentrate on a micro-genre, a geographical area or even a cross-section of many genres but having a common thread. Highlights here include the reggae cover versions of soul classics on 'For The Love of You', the tribute to Weatherall from those at the Robert Johnson club & label, and the stunning Soul Jazz comp 'Black Riot' focusing on early jungle & hardcore from the UK.

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