Best Of 2020: Reissue Albums

Reissues continue to shine a fresh spotlight on records that were overlooked when they first surfaced or were just not about in sufficient amounts. In 2020, we are back with another collection of outstanding albums, lovingly re-issued and repressed, saving us from those Discogs sharks or listening to these records only on YouTube. The number of quality reissue albums and collections seems not to be abating across all genres, despite the pandemic - this list features everything from 90s ambiance, South African kwaito-disco, a retrospective of one of the best French Caribbean labels to a masterpiece of Hungarian minimalism.

As with the other charts, this year we have decided not to number & rank the albums, although the ones we have enjoyed more are listed first. We've tried to choose those albums that have been introduced to most of us for the first time thanks to this reissue. Previously obscure and known only to a select few, we would like to thank the likes of Wewantsounds who gave us the amazing 'Oriental Sounds' from Egyptian producer Omar El Shariyi or how about Klaus Schonning's otherworldly blend of ethereal ambient, new age with discofied undertones on 'Lydglimt'

And sitting atop the pile (and there is broad agreement on this one) is the reissue of the 1994 gem from the Primitive Painter on R&S, Roman Flugel & Jorg Ellig - a stunning album of 90s electronica and melodic techno that still sounds fresh today! We look forward to more forgotten gems in 2021 when hopefully we can listen to them with many other people.

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