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This time around our very own Sam (AKA Insane Deelay) talks about which release is floating his boat at the moment. Over to you Sam:
"For this week's Staff Pick, I’ve chosen a record that we premiered here at Phonica a number of months ago, the latest in the Ruff Draft series, this time supplied by the inimitable DJ Nature.
Milo Johnson’s discography is one I constantly return to. A producer whose career has taken him from the 'Bristol Sound’ to the New York loft, Milo’s sound has developed from a hip-hop mentality, and is slow, gritty, low slung, yet is also deeply indebted to disco.
His Ruff Disco/Necessary Ruffness edits, made under the name Nature Boy in the early 90s, are sought after fire, whilst his return to production on Golf Channel Recordings in 2012 (after a 15 year gap) offers diamond new productions like Destiny Reprise and Let It Ring on affordable discs.
It’s all about the B-Side on Ruff Draft 09. ‘Blood On Your Hands’ builds out of a staunchly anti-war speech taken from an episode of The Twilight Zone. Deep stabs and percussion ricochet behind, whilst a jazzy rimshot loop slowly builds in volume and complexity alongside a rigid drum track. About 2 minutes in, it breaks down into a solid slo-mo jam. Perfect for the first rhythm track in an early set, or a late night change of pace. Tip!"