Phonica Podcast 58: January 2017

The Phonica podcast is back!! For the first edition of 2017, Juan and Van have selected some of the finest wax that has landed recently on our shelves.

From Early Pakistani Dance Music, the avant garde tape loops experimentations of Randomize, one-half of Mecanica Popular, Vakula channeling Basic Channel vibes or the sought after library music comp Snaker, to Max Graef & Glenn Astro latest offering on Nija Tune, Lake People's Remix of Lawrence, Regelbau affiliated Maizena, the second chapter of Ari Goldman's from Beautiful Swimmers revered imprint World Building featuring Vancouver's Florist and the psychedelic disco of the recently deceased William Onyeabor. Plenty of choice to help you get through January.

Full tracklist down below, click the titles to be redirected to each release page. 'Til next time!



1.       Unknown - Air Currents

2.       Autechre - Further

3.       Obadikah – April 8

4.       Azam Shaik - Naam Ke Nawab / Dance Music

5.       Riccardo Schiro - Neptunian Population 559654

6.       Samo DJ & Maxxxbass – Snakey

7.       Randomize - Ireland

8.       Vakula - Apperception

9.       Jose Manuel – Magic

10.       Wolf Müller & Cass. - Aiolos (Wolf Müller Version)

11.       Max Graef & Glenn Astro - W313D (Max & Glenn’s Dub Up)

12.       Lawrence - Illuminated (Kettenkarussell Remix)

13.       Maizena - Sojouring Music (SPCE mix)

14.       Will Long - Time Has Come (Sprinkles Overdub)

15.       Folamour - Maybe I did burn ya place

16.       Florist - Windows On The World

17.       Steve Murphy - Next Saturday (Club Mix)

18.       Eddie C - Salve A Bahia

19.       Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold  - Monsieur Mayonnaise (Forthcoming on Resista)

20.       John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - Bourgie Bourgie (Dance Ritual Dub)

21.       William Onyeabor - Good Name