Phonica Podcast 59: February 2017

The Phonica Podcast is back just in time for the weekend! Stock Master Sam woke up really early yesterday to get ahead of the curve and grab the freshest wax outta the plant.

From the unique sound of The Mystic Jungle Tribe's first ever live performance, released by the ever reliable Going Good and premiered by yours truly back in December, to the beautiful compositions of Jonny Nash on his own Melody As A Truth, a good dose of afro and disco edits or the latest Phonica EP by the one and only Roman Flügel - who, by the way, recently played an amazing in-store set at Phonica - March's podcast got all fronts covered.

Full tracklist down below. As usual, click the titles to be redirected to each release page. 

Pump it up. It's Friday!



1. The Mystic Jungle Tribe - Live In Napoli - Untitled

2. Quarry Hollow - The Path to Tranquility - The Path To Tranquility

3. Love Creation 002 - Turn My Back On You (Conga Edit)

4. Jonny Nash - Eden LP - Agabe

5. NY Edits #6 - Untitled

6. Jimmy Rouge - Afro Edits - Pembe

7. Taxi C.A.B. - Son Of A Beatnik - Chunk-a-Nova (Red Dog Mix)

8. Kalla - Enter The Sponk - Slurrp Dat

9. Roman Flugel - Black Acid EP - Too Hot To Sleep

10. Ion Ludwig - For Real We Are Not For You EP - Not For You 

11. Medlar - Shake It EP - Imaginary Dub

12. Henry Wu - Deep In The Mudd EP - Just Negotiate Remix

13. Nick Holder - Sometimes I'm Blue - Deeper Than Deep #2