Phonica Premieres 34: Thread - Conningham [REACH]

Africa Seven is a collective of crate diggers, Afro music-heads and vinyl-buying obsessives spreading the love and knowledge for African music in all its forms. In the wake of this effort, Afrosonique Vol.1 is the ideal first instalment of a remix and re-edit series of compilations bridging African tracks from the 70s and 80s with the most talented artists of today.

Compiled by veteran UK producer Tony Thorpe (Moody Boyz, KLF), this album brings together a rich ensemble of producers and artists from different genres and music scenes. From Warp's long-time signee Plaid, DJ Food, John Talabot & Pional to broken beat legend IG Culture, Appleblim and a younger generation of talents like Marcel Lune, Jabru, Redpine & Solo and EVM128, the compilation promises to bring a modern twist to Africa's most iconic tunes. 

Our pick for the premieres is Jabru's over dub of Pasteur Lappe's Sekelimania.

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Our entire back catalogue of premieres is also available to listen to on our soundcloud: